Who Can Use the ESFL Collections?

All students and scholars are welcome to visit and use ESFL holdings to research a wide range of topics in history, labor, and community.

  • Local and area students, Grade 7-12, seeking consultations and research materials for History Day presentations;
  • High School and College students seeking mentorship in research methods in both primary and secondary materials;
  • Students and scholars interested in the subject areas and their interrelationships;
  • Members of the general public – neighborhood residents, union members, Adult Education enrollees – interested in the collections;
  • Students of art and artists drawn to the visual art works and art books.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • African American history, from the colonial and slavery periods through contemporary political/cultural work and activism;
  • Immigration: historical and contemporary, especially to the U.S. but including immigration from/to non-U.S. countries;
  • Political economic thought, its history and theory;
  • Working-class and labor studies and literatures;
  • Coalitional race politics and organizing;
  • Asian American history.